FPSO 分离器利用旁通管道实现在线检修的优化设计

1. 中海油研究总院;2. 中国石油勘探开发研究院

在线检修;分离器旁通管道;饱和蒸气压指标;气蚀;HYSYS 模拟

Optimum design of on-line maintenance of FPSO separator using bypass pipeline
YANG Zejun1, HU Dong1, ZHU Haishan1, HAO Yun1, XIA Zhi1, HU Weiwei2

1. CNOOC Research Institute;2. PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development

on-line maintenance, bypass piping of separator, saturated vapor pressure index, cavitation, HYSYS simulation


为了实现某浮式生产储油设施分离器的不停产检修,基于其原油处理流程开展一级、二级分离器在线旁通方案研究。通过Fluent 可燃烃扩散分析验证较宽松饱和蒸气压指标的安全风险,通过配管连接实现了一级、二级分离器的顺序旁通检修,并利用HYSYS 模拟调整生产操作参数达到稳定要求。分离器在线检修方案保证了油田的不停产检修,增强了原油处理系统实际生产操作的灵活性,经济效益明显,可为原油处理系统的工艺设计提供有益的参考。(图5表4,参[25]

In order to realize on-line separator maintenance at one certain floating production storage unit, the schemeof carrying out on-line bypass of primary and secondary separators was researched based on the characteristics of itsoil treatment process. The safety risk of looser saturated vapor pressure index was verified by conducting combustiblehydrocarbon diffusion analysis in Fluent. Sequential bypass maintenance of primary and secondary separators was realizedwith piping connection. In addition, the production and operation parameters were adjusted by means of HYSYS simulationto satisfy the requirements of stabilization. It is indicated that the on-line separator maintenance scheme ensures the on-linemaintenance of the oilfield, enhances the flexibility of oil treatment system in actual production and operation, brings greatereconomic benefits, and provides the beneficial reference for the process design of oil treatment system. (5 Figures, 4 Tables,25 References)