MP-ICDA 在管道完整性管理中的应用


MP-ICDA;完整性管理;内腐蚀直接评价;海管;OLGA 软件

Application of MP-ICDA to pipeline integrity management
WANG Kai, CAO Xuewen, WEN Jiaming, LI Xingbiao, SUN Yuan

College of Pipeline and Civil Engineering, China University of Petroleum (East China)

MP- ICDA, integrity management, internal corrosion direct assessment, subsea pipeline, OLGA software


为了更好实施管道内腐蚀直接评价方法,以美国腐蚀工程师协会(NACE)于2016 年提出的适用于多相流管道的内腐蚀直接评价(MP-ICDA)标准为对象,研究其应用方法及步骤,检验其可靠性。利用多相流理论,以中国某油气水混输海底管道运行工况为基础,建立内腐蚀预测模型,结合高温高压反应釜实验与电化学实验,将MP-ICDA 标准成功应用于多相流管道。结果 表明:海管低洼上坡段腐蚀风险较高;缓蚀剂对海管内腐蚀有较好的抑制作用;实验结果与内腐蚀预测模型预测结果接近,证明了预测模型的可靠性。MP-ICDA 对预测管道腐蚀位置与风险大小具有一定的指导作用,可为中国管道完整性管理提供决策依据。(图7表4,参[18]

In order to better implement diret evaluation method of pipeline internal corrosion, the internal corrosion direct assessment standard for multiphase flow pipeline(MP-ICDA)proposed by National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) in 2016 was researched from the aspects of application method and process and its reliability was detected. Based on the actual working conditions of one certain subsea multiphase pipeline in China, an internal corrosion prediction model was established according to the theory of multiphase flow. Then, in combination of high temperature and high pressure reactor experiments and electrochemical experiments, MP -ICDA was successfully applied to the multiphase flow pipeline. It is shown that the corrosion risk is higher at the ascending section of pipeline in the lower region and the inhibitor has a good inhibiting effect on the internal corrosion of subsea pipeline. The experimental results are basically consistent with the prediction results of the internal corrosion prediction model, indicating the reliability of the prediction model. In conclusion, MP -ICDA can be used as the guidance for predicting the location and risk of pipeline corrosion and provide the decision-making basis for pipeline integrity management in China. (7 Figures, 4 Tables, 18 References)