RB211-24G 型燃气发生器可调进口导向叶片控制系统改造

1. 中国石油管道压缩机组维检修中心;2. 中国石油管道公司技术服务中心;3. 中石油昆仑燃气有限公司山西分公司


Transformation of the control systems for the variable inlet guide vanes of RB211-24G gas generator
LIU Chao1, JIA Dongzhuo1, ZHAO Hongliang1, YU Dong2, HAN Yuhao3, YONG Xiaole3, QIAO Weili3

1. PetroChina Pipeline Compressors Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul Center;2. Technical Service Center of PetroChina Pipeline Company;3. PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co. Ltd. Shanxi Branch

compressor, gas generator, variable inlet guide vane, control system


RB211-24G 型燃气发生器广泛应用于天然气管道压缩机组,由于设备不断改型、采购批次不同等原因,燃气发生器可调进口导向叶片部件在构型上存在差异,压缩机组现场控制系统在软硬件上也存在差异。作为燃气发生器的核心组成部分,可调进口导向叶片在燃气发生器启停机和正常运转过程中具有非常关键的作用。通过深入比较不同构型之间的差异,总结出莫格阀的控制特性,对不同控制系统软硬件进行对比,提出了相应的控制系统改造方法。现场应用结果表明:该方法可以实现对可调进口导向叶片的有效控制,减少压缩机组空机位,提高设备利用效率,并提升管网的保障能力。(图3,参[20]

RB211-24G gas generator is currently used in the compressor units of natural gas pipelines. Due to continuous equipment improvement and different procurement batches, the variable inlet guide vanes of gas generator are different in configuration, and the control systems of on-site compressor units are also different in hardware and software. As the core part of the gas generator, the variable inlet guide vane plays a key role in the stop/start and normal operation of gas generator. In this paper, the control characteristics of the MOOG valve were measured by comparing the differences between different configurations thoroughly. Then, different control systems were compared from the aspects of hardware and software, and the corresponding transformation methods were proposed. Finally, the methods were applied on site of the gas station for the actual transformation. Ultimately, variable inlet guide vanes are under effective control, the void situations of compressor units are reduced, the equipment utilization efficiency is increased and the support capacity of pipeline network is improved. (3 Figures, 20 References)