LNG 冷能利用方式分类及其工艺流程



Classification and technological processes of LNG cold energy utilization modes
YU Guangcan, LI Qifen, SONG Lifei, PAN Dengyu, XIE Wei, WANG Chaolong, YANG Zhenge

College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power

liquefied natural gas (LNG), cold energy, utilization modes, integrated cascading utilization


LNG 是一种低温、热值高的不可再生能源,在LNG 气化使用过程中会释放丰富的冷能,若能 有效加以利用,会带来极大的经济效益与环保价值。目前,LNG 冷能的利用方式种类繁多,工艺流 程复杂,不利于实际项目对LNG 冷能利用方案的选择。在分析国内外LNG 冷能利用方式与工艺 流程的基础上,按照冷能利用原理的不同,将LNG 冷能利用方式划分为3 种:转换能源形式、单一 换热及伴随热质交换。对这3 种LNG 冷能利用方式的基本原理与工艺流程进行总结分析,以便于 实际LNG 冷能利用项目选择适合的冷能利用方式。此外,对目前LNG 冷能的综合梯级利用方案 进行了归纳总结,为LNG 冷能的合理梯级利用提供了参考。(图 24,参[47]

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is a kind of nonrenewable energy with low temperature and high calorific value. A great amount of cold energy is released in the process of LNG gasification and utilization. And if the cold energy can be used effectively, great economic value and environmental value will be created. At present, there are many kinds of LNG cold energy utilization modes and the technological processes are complex, which are not conducive to the selection of the LNG cold energy utilization scheme for the actual projects. In this paper, domestic and foreign LNG cold energy utilization modes and processes were analyzed. Then, based on different cold energy utilization principles, LNG cold energy utilization modes were divided into energy conversion, single heat transfer and associational heat and mass exchange. And these three LNG cold energy utilization modes were summarized and analyzed from the aspects of basic principle and technological process, so as to provide the convenience for the selection of cold energy utilization mode suitable for actual LNG cold energy utilization project. Finally, the integrated cascading utilization scheme of LNG cold energy was summarized to provide the reference for the rational cascading utilization of LNG cold energy. (24 Figures, 47 References)