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[1]宋多培 冯小刚 李建财 单国平 贾玉庭 毕海杰.昌吉油田冷采稠油回掺热水集输特性[J].油气储运,2019,38(预出版):1-5.
 SONG Duopei,FENG Xiaogang,LI Jiancai,et al.Gathering characteristics of the reinjection of hot water for the heavy oil cold production in Changji Oilfield[J].Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation,2019,38(预出版):1-5.



 LI Jiancai,SHAN Guoping,LI Chao,et al.Heavy oil cold production gathering process after reducing viscosity through reinjection of hot water in Changji Oilfield[J].Oil & Gas Storage and Transportation,2014,33(预出版):211.[doi:10.6047/j.issn.1000-8241.2014.02.018]

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