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Articles for PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC three major oil companies, universities and research institutions, concerned about the focus of industry development, hot and difficult issues, gas storage and transportation industry reported a new theory of the relevant professional disciplines, new technology, new areas, new processes, new products, new progress, new knowledge, new experiences, new proposals, the new assessment, new methods, new programs, new tools, fully reflect the domestic and international oil and gas storage and transportation industry and the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress.

1 Contributors

1.1 published the first dispatch, so there should be innovative contributions from: a
forward-looking topics, research is novel, has a unique perspective, technology is practical, the conclusion is instructive. Not published in scientific and technological development with the Oil & industry related research papers. Study was not clear, no innovative research methods, research results without highlights, a lack of guiding research papers do not use.

1.2 all articles conceited and self-acceptance and to draw on the confidentiality of the review by
the unit, if necessary, units should be requested confidentiality, patents, legal certification issued by the department.

1.3 All Contributions in the first instance, an editing and editing stages of the second are required
to accept the "CNKI academic misconduct checks", repetition rate of more than 30% without reasonable explanation of the manuscript will be issued directly to withdraw; if "a vote draft 2 "or" one paper, "the responsible person will be charged the cost of editing, editing fees, and in 2 years without the relevant persons responsible for eliminating for republication of articles, while retaining the responsibility to inform the relevant unit or person the right to legal recourse.

1.4 Contributions should normally be four parts: Introduction (Background and objectives),
technical ideas and research methods (problem-solving ideas and methods), results and effects (of the fruit and its application effect), the conclusion (eventually obtained understanding and conclusions). Where the second and third part of the detailed, first, the fourth part of the streamlining.

1.5 determined by the Court of Final recruited to contribute, under the same conditions, the
national major projects, national research projects, 973 projects, 863 projects, the National Natural Science Foundation, the provincial and ministerial level scientific research results of preference. Therefore, the submission, be sure to specify details of research projects and their respective numbers.

1.6 to accept online submission, do not accept e-mail submission or mail submission. Click
Articles Website Home "online submission" button, strictly according to the operation step by step guide to action, be sure to fill in relevant information was complete and correct. Authors need to register first, please take good care of registration password.

1.7 The journal network journal, notification would be primarily for SMS and e-mail, the first
author (or communication contacts) be sure to leave phone number and E-mail. Lack of a direct rejection of the two will be.

2 editing and copyright

Manuscripts for the reviewer by

2.1 the right magazine edited and published in accordance with
relevant national standards and norms for approval of the contributions from deletion, change substantive technical content of the agreement would be with the author.

2.2 Issue to be determined after eliminating for republication of manuscripts to site notices,
E-mail or SMS, etc. inform the author, and put forward appropriate amendments of amendments, please. Articles published revised manuscript does not meet the requirements, will return again revised on the second revised draft still dealing with compliance will be withdrawn.

2.3 After completion of editing, should be submitted to the document using Word formatting and
clear appearance of the map, The Journal is printed in full color, to express accurately, please provide the resolution required to publish a color map. Figure pieces of inferior quality, the author can not provide easy to clean painted the original, even if final manuscripts by withdrawal may also be issued directly.

2.4 Received within 3 months after, to determine whether contributions from eliminating for
republication, can be found on the website of Articles reviewers results. If do not wish to eliminating for republication, and no rebate manuscript.

2.5 Contributions, once published, that a one-time pay royalties, and giving current publications.

2.6 magazine issued by the manuscript on copyright, magazine publication, will be submitted by
domestic and foreign literature search agencies and the Internet, will no longer be paid to on another.

"Gas Storage" magazine in 2010 amended







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