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  "Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation," founded in 1977, integrated science and technology magazine, public offering. National unified publication number: CN 13-1093/TE, International Serial Number: ISSN 1000-8241, domestic Youfadaihao :18-89. "Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation" is approved by the National Science and Technology Commission and the Press and Publications Administration was founded by the director of China National Petroleum Corporation, PetroChina s state pipeline company sponsored the Chinese core journals, is the only oil and gas storage and transportation special report disciplines authoritative scientific research and technical information technology journals.
About Journal
Sponsor: China National Petroleum Corporation
Organizer: PetroChina Pipeline Company
Editor: Zhang Dong
Address: 51# Jinguang Road, Langfang City, Hebei Province,China
Zip code : 065000
Fax: 86-316-2072240
Contact: 86-316-2176173
E-mail: kjhwc@petrochina.com.cn
ISSN: 1000-8241
CN: 13-1093/TE
Mail-num: 18-89
issue: Monthly
Created: 1977-01-01